About Us

Chloride AVR Systems is globally recognized for designing and delivering customized energy solutions for diverse applications. With regionally located technical experts, our team work directly with customers during the lifetime of the project. To date we have more than 207MW of energy in operation globally.

Availability Guarantee

This guarantees that the solution will be available at the nameplate power output and the agreed-upon percentage of time.

Capacity Guarantee

The amount of energy that can be guaranteed.

Custom Metric Gaurantee

Soome owners have unique measurements or metrics, such as the PJM fast response frequency regulation score. In such cases, we work with you to assess the risks involved and define a guarantee structure that aligns the interests of both parties throughout the life of the asset.

Chloride Avr Solutions

Power Conversion
. 4 quadrant opeation
. High efficiency

Battery Management
. Battery Protection Unit
. Long life Li-ion battery
. Integrated lockable disconnect
. Active string balancing

Purpose Built Enclosures . Enchanced cooling and insulation
. Built in redundancy for 25 years of life

Control Unit . Flexible installation
. Factory tested
. Field replacement